Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is Albedo?
    Albedo is a program designed to enhance your music listening experience by providing visual feedback.  Albedo is specifically a Winamp plugin.
  • What's a Winamp plugin?
    Winamp is a music playing application for Windows 95/98/NT.  It's principle purpose is to play mp3 files, but you can pretty much listen to any audio format out there, including CDs.  It  allows the use of plugins, which are programs that extend its original functionality.  Albedo is a visualization plugin, which means it creates a display that somehow corresponds to the music.
  • What are the system requirements?
    In addition to having Winamp installed, Albedo requires that your system meet the following requirements:
    - The operating system must be Windows 95 or 98.  Windows NT will not work!   However, Windows 2000, aka Windows NT 5.0, should do the job.
    - You must have at least DirectX 6 installed.  The current version is DirectX 6.1, and can be downloaded t the Microsoft DirectX web site.
  • How do I install Albedo?
    Once you have downloaded the zip file containing Albedo, unzip it and place its contents in the winamp/plugins directory on your hard drive.   This directory is usually c:\program files\winamp\plugins.  The Albedo zip file contains the following files, which must all be placed in the directory mentioned above:
    - vis_albedo.dll
    - vis_albedo.bmp
    - vis_albedo.txt
  • How do I run Albedo?
    Once you have installed the Albedo files as described above, you must select it within Winamp.  The simplest way to do this is the press CTRL-K with the Winamp window activated, and to select Albedo in the plugin menu that will show up.   Press Ok to confirm.  To run Albedo, simply press CTRL-SHIFT-K.
  • What keyboard controls do I have?
    An extensive list can be found in the readme file.   The most important ones are:
    - SPACE BAR: Randomly picks a new scene.
    - ESC:  Quits Albedo.
  • I get an error from Winamp as soon as I start the plugin.
    You are most likely either using Windows NT or DirectX 5 or lower.   Make sure you have at least DirectX 6 installed.
  • I get an error when I try to run in background mode, or one that tells me to check the FAQ.
    Try one of the following:
    - Make sure you have the latest drivers from your video card manufacturer, or your chipset manufacturer (e.g. NVidia).
    - Make sure you are using the latest BIOS for your video card.
    - Try changing the bit depth of your desktop (e.g. try 16-bit if you're in 32 bit, and vice-versa).
    If none of these solutions work, your video card is not compatible with the hardware feature background mode uses.
  • What does the word "Albedo" mean?
    According to Webster, Albedo means: "the fraction of incident light or electromagnetic radiation that is reflected by a surface or body."   Seemed appropriate...