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For those who want to use Albedo as a screensaver, check out AmpSaver, provided by Steve Orvell. AmpSaver allows you to use any Winamp plugin as a screen saver.  Just what the doctor ordered.


Albedo version 1.07 released.  This release fixes a bug that could result in a slow down with the newly released Winamp 2.10.


You can download right here a great Windows Desktop theme provided by Donald Cupp.  This theme takes the Albedo background mode where it has never gone before!  Definitely worth the download.

New!  Albedo version 1.06.  Here's the juicy new stuff.

    .Added the option to turn on and off individual renderers and transforms.
    .Remembers window position.
    .Added the option to lock the renderer and transformation (F7, F8).
    .Added the option to show the song title when it starts (F9).
    .Should be a tad faster.
    .Somewhat fixed the problem with Albedo freezing when user exits from Winamp first.
    (It will still freeze one time out of 30).
    .Added a "floating triangle" music renderer.
    .Added a "particles bouncing on a spectrum analyser" music renderer.
    .Added a "snow" music renderer.
    .Added a plain sine wave transformation. Nothing Earth shattering, but can look good.
    .Added a spiral tile transformation.
    .Added song title and playing time to the info display (F4).
    .Added ALT-ENTER key to switch between full screen and windowed modes.
    .Added DirectX version detection.

System Requirements:
- Windows 95/98
- DirectX 6 or better
- MMX processor

- Winamp
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Winamp - the best mp3 player for windows.

Microsoft's DirectX site - Download DirectX 6.1

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